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Vama Freight

Vama Freight is Vamaship’s software for digitizing and automating air freight, full container load and LCL shipping. As an integrated solution for quote digitizing, real-time tracking, documents on cloud and deep analytics, Vama Freight makes shipping easy.

The quote digitizing solution makes the process of procurement of freight rates from carriers and freight forwarders seamless, eliminating combining spreadsheets, giving a landed cost comparison and automating negotiation.

The real-time tracking solution offers unparalleled tracking of containers and air freight shipments, consolidating data from customs brokers, freight forwarders, terminals, carriers, transhipment ports and transporters at both origin and destination, offering visibility and notifications for delays to all stakeholders.

The documents on cloud solution makes storing and searching of shipping documents hassle-free, , fetching all documents from email and converting files stored on offline folders to the Vamaship cloud.

The deep shipping analytics solution offers visibility on the logistics spend across stakeholders, the cost saving, on-ground performance, customer analytics and internal efficiency tracking, all on one dashboard available on mobile and web.

As an integrated solution with ERPs like SAP and Oracle, Vama Freight helps supply chain team to make shipping a competitive advantage.