Send Customized Labels

Everything about your shipment should showcase your brand. The most prominent component of your outer packaging is the label.

Your labels generated through Vamaship have your logo and details, displaying the same identity you want buyers to experience.

Make Buyers Experience Your Brand's Tone

For every shipment, whether your brand is quirky or corporate, short or verbose, Hindi or English, make your buyer experience your brand's tone through Personalized SMS to buyers, received by the buyer at different tracking milestones.

Allow Buyers To Schedule Delivery Slots

Buyers can contact Vamaship to schedule their preferred delivery slots, we work with partners to ensure buyers receive the best shopping experience.

"We could create a better buying experience through the texts Vamaship offers"
Anmol Chaudhary - VP

"We were surprised we could create happier customers through shipping, happy with Vamaship"
Ashish Virwani - Co-Founder

"We're with Vamaship since our beginning are love their customized consignee features"

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