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The operations team keeps coming to you for new partners they want to try but the web development company takes forever to integrate each partner. And you're stuck, operations team is stuck and so are auditors wanting cheaper costs. Sounds familiar?

Vamaship has all excellent partners pre-integrated, one integration and domestic, international, forward, reverse, express, surface, all get activated at once.


Activate Global Shipping From The Website

Integrating our API isn't a priority right now? No worries.

You can ship through any medium, anywhere by uploading spreadsheets having 1000s of shipments or create one at a time through our highest rated website. Zero integration time and get started in 60 seconds.

New Partners & Value Added Services

Remember post demonetization when partners introduced 'Paytm on Delivery' and everyone had to rush to their web development companies requesting a change? Or similarly when Quality Check on Reverse Shipping got activated?

New partners, new value added services keep getting added at no cost and at no new integration time. Just keep shipping!


"The Shopify plugin of Vamaship got our shipping activated in a matter of 5 minutes, super easy"
Sanjana Jain Gupta - Founder


"With one quick integration, we could offer all Instamojo merchants the entire e-commerce shipping suite"
Sampad Swain - CEO


"The website is easy and quick to use, we use the excel upload method and it's very quick to book hundreds of shipments"
Naresh Mehta - CEO

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Experience Easy & Cheap Shipping!

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