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Welcome to The
Vamaship Ambassador Programme!

Vamaship Ambassador

If you are passionate about enhancing your marketing skills and are interested to earn more money, the Vamaship Ambassador Program is for you!

As a Vamaship Ambassador, you earn for bringing businesses on-board Vamaship for their shipping. Vamaship Ambassadors are enthusiastic, motivated and well-connected individuals.

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Perks of Being a Vamaship Ambassador

Work on your own time and convenience!

  • Earn anywhere between ₹1K to over ₹100K each month.

  • Receive a bunch of cool gifts.

  • Chance for a full time opportunity with Vamaship.

Apply To Become An Ambassador In 3 Steps!

  • Fill the application form on the bottom of this page

  • Wait for our approval

  • Sign the contract

If you have questions about the program,

please mail

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