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Reduce Returns

Reduce Returns

Hate returns? We do too! Our operations team has KPIs of reducing returns and we track it weekly. Years of learning has given us methods of reducing returns and we're proud to have industry's lowest RTO percentage.


Save Shipping Cost

Would you ever say 'I want tough and expensive shipping'? Knowing the answer, we've negotiated with partners like hijackers on your behalf, bringing to you the cheapest shipping price. Click below to know more!

Save Integration Time

Has your target date to go live ever been honored by your web development partner? We've all experienced this pain and to kill that, we made the simplest global shipping API which would take a few hours to integrate. Best alternative - use the website directly and no need to talk code again.


Improve Buying

You're in business for more buyers. Buyers want the best shopping experience. We've worked tirelessly to create a beautiful buying experience, with shipping being the medium to happiness. Click know more for details!

Experience Easy & Cheap Shipping!

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