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Diamonds Are Forever,
If Delivered Securely.

The highest valued commodities, diamonds and jewellery need secure logistics and the industry trusts Vamaship for the unique solutions it has created for export, import and domestic logistics.



challenge 1

Expensive Shipping

Jewellery online is at $200 average price and a cheap shipping option is imperative for sales

challenge 2

Lack of Insurance

For thousands of dollars worth commodities, insurance is important and missing

challenge 3

Long Delivery Timeline

High value purchasers want the delivery as soon as they order, long transit time kills sales


solution 1

Cheapest Shipping Options For Valuable Cargo

Vamaship has created a deep synergy with industry leaders like BVC to create export shipping of diamonds & jewellery at 25% of the B2B shipping cost, and similar cheapest shipping price for domestic. Unmatched by any other player in India.


solution 2

Insurance & Duty At Destination Options

Vamaship has large insurance covering shipments worth billions of dollars annually and valuable cargo shipments have a special insurance service which Vamaship has facilitated, becoming a one stop for shipping peacefully.

solution 3

Delivery Time of 48 Hours Too

Vamaship is the only player in India to have a 48-hour delivery product to USA under a special service called Break Bulk. An export shipment getting delivered before domestic shipments are truly valued by buyers universally.


"Vamaship has enabled disruptive solutions in e-commerce logistics and the best shipping options, all in the same ecosystem"
Mithun Sacheti - CEO


Experience Easy & Cheap Shipping!

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