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Classy & Fabulous: Buyers.
If They Accept The Shipment.

The second highest-selling product category in e-commerce after electronics, fashion, has unique challenges and buyers of fashion products online have different needs. Vamaship has created customized solutions for Fashion e-retailers.



challenge 1

High Customer Returns

The fashion industry experiences the highest return percentage, as high as 40%.

challenge 2

Recurring Weight Disputes

Despite using flyers, a large number of shipments have a higher chargeable weight.

challenge 3

Incorrect Products in Reverse

Reverse shipments from buyers have a large number of incorrect product pickups.

solution 1

Proprietary Returns Reduction Process

Through a combination of technology and manual processes which include shipment allocation algorithms, NDR automation and others, Vamaship has helped businesses reduce their returns from 40% to an inspiring 4%.


solution 2

Industry's Best Weight Dispute Resolution

Garments and accessories are usually shipped in flyers and the sorter machines of logistics partners incorrectly charge a higher volumetric weight in most cases. Our deep relationships with partners have allowed Vamaship to have the quickest and most merchant friendly weight resolution process, eliminating over 50% of all weight disputes.

undraw_creative_process_q6aw (1).png

solution 3

Quality Check For Reverse Pickups

Through unique partnerships with specific partners, Vamaship allows for a Quality Check of the merchandise being picked up, for its size or color or brand or any other identifier, ensuring buyers have a beautiful return process and you earn repeat orders.


"Our journey with Vamaship has been great and only continues to grow, we're long term partners"
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