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Let Furniture Free Humans From Misery: Unknown

Possible If Not Damaged In Transit

Home furnishing is a special category needing a combination of surface and expresses shipping and special handling. Vamaship has created custom solutions for this industry segment.



challenge 1

Handling Without Damage

Home furnishing products are sensitive are prone to damage in transit

challenge 2

Volumetric Weight Nonviable

Due to the length, breadth and height being unique, weight charges exceed product value

challenge 3

Returns Unaffordable

Any returns eliminate viability of the product

solution 1

Personal Handling

Team Vamaship is involved in details of every shipment for the Home Furnishing product category, ensuring logistics partners know the special handling instruction and treat furniture like art.

solution 2

Special Rates

For volumetric product categories, Vamaship has created special partnerships to ensure the chargeable weight is fair and allows viability of the product.

solution 3

Training & Knowledge

The Vamaship operations team understands the home furnishing segment and the need for no returns and is trained to ensure buyers have the best shopping experience and don't return before delivery.

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"Team Vamaship understands our product category and works like our own team to ensure quick delivery and customer delight"
Annoop Shetty - Founder


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Experience Easy & Cheap Shipping!

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