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Shiprocket vs Vamaship: Which Shipping Partner is Right for Your E-Commerce Business?

Updated: May 1

Choosing the right shipping partner is crucial for the success of your e-commerce business. It's not just about getting your products from A to B; it's about finding a service that understands your business and grows with you. Vamaship is that service. We're dedicated to more than logistics; we're here to support your success with top-notch services, unmatched customer support, and smart solutions to cut down on your RTO’s (Return-to-Origin).

Personalized Support for Small Businesses

At Vamaship, we specialize in nurturing smaller e-commerce businesses that need a logistics partner who values their volume just as much as any large retailer. Our commitment to providing personalized attention means that businesses with shipping volumes of ≤10K will find a service that’s designed for their scale and tailored to their unique challenges. It's this individual focus that not only fuels your growth but also fortifies your brand's standing in the market.


Vamaship vs. Shiprocket: More Than Just Numbers

While competitive pricing is essential, Vamaship believes in delivering value that transcends cost. Our services are designed to address the specific needs of e-commerce businesses, focusing on efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Take a look at what Vamaship offers compared to Shiprocket, with our personalized service for businesses with smaller volumes.

Comparison of Features




Pin Code Coverage



Payment Terms

Prepaid & Postpaid

Prepaid & Postpaid

COD Remittance

Thrice a week

Thrice a Week

Early COD

Same day of delivery

Within 2 days of delivery

Courier Partner



COD Charges

Rs. 30 or 1.5% of Product Value (Whichever is Higher)

Rs 32 or 2% of Product Value (Whichever is Higher)

Minimum Shipping Rates (Per 500 Grams)

Rs. 25

Rs. 27

Customized Plans



Courier Recommendation Engine



Detailed Analytics Report



Mobile App



Integration with Amazon



Integration with Instamojo



Integration with Shopify



Integration with Woocommerce



Unparalleled Customer Support: Our Commitment

At Vamaship, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer support, a claim proven by our Google ratings. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist with any queries or concerns, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently. This commitment to excellence in service is what sets us apart in the logistics industry.


Reducing RTO: Our Smart Solutions

RTO’s can be a big headache, eating into your time and profits. That's why we've come up with smart ways to keep them to a minimum. Our Automated NDR Management catches problems early, our Order Confirmation Services make sure your customers are ready for their deliveries, and our Address Verification ensures packages are going to the right place.

These services not only improve operational efficiency but also build trust with your customers, fostering loyalty and repeat customers.

Choose a Partner Designed for Your Scale

With Vamaship, you're choosing a shipping partner that offers more than just delivery services. You're getting a partner that is genuinely committed to providing the personalized attention smaller e-commerce businesses need to thrive. 

Join us and experience the Vamaship difference: where your volume is valued, and your growth is our mission.

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