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The D2C wave is here to stay - Here is what we think.

The year? 2020. There was a dramatic change in the Indian retail industry over the period of the pandemic induced lockdown. Or rather the retail industry was forced to change course in order to simply survive the evolved scenario. As physical stores were shut down owing to the lockdown, eCommerce was the only way retailers could foresee some hope in terms of revenue. What was surprising how easily the Indian consumer adapted to the eCommerce offering and the industry saw record breaking sales. Add to that, demand for contactless home deliveries pushed retailers to adopt omnichannel selling practices and offer innovative delivery options.

The wave of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) selling has taken over the Indian retail landscape irrespective of the categories of products on offer. This is giving way to the evolution of new omnichannel trends. Many Indian retail brands are adopting the D2C strategy - where they are selling their products directly to the consumers without depending on middlemen such as third-party sellers, wholesalers, and retail outlets for distribution.

As Indian brands soften their approach towards digital selling, India is in the ripe position to receive the wave of D2C selling that is washing over the retail landscape. But what brands need to understand is that they need to get on to the bandwagon at the earliest or they will get caught in the competition and it will become to emerge a leader. Setting up an eCommerce website has never been this easy thanks to a ready-to-use ecommerce software from Shopify, Magento, Ecwid, BigCommerce, Volusion, Wix and others. Add to this the multitude of features such as customisable storefronts and cart analytics, multichannel sales, social media marketing hooks, shipping and delivery estimates, payment processing and payment gateway support have enabled the growth of D2C brands.

Now that we have convinced you that as a retailer you need to really give D2C selling a serious thought, we would like to get your attention to one of the greatest obstacles to the smooth functioning of your online business - order fulfillment. As an eCommerce D2C (direct-to-consumer) business that is truly taking off, exact and smooth fulfillment is extremely key to your business. All things considered, delivering your online products directly to your clients is the entire reason for the D2C plan of action. Indeed, if your business is developing, odds are that you are presently battling with D2C satisfaction issues. At the point when you were beginning, you may have overseen satisfaction all alone: since you're out of nowhere getting much more orders, the intricacies of fulfillment logistics are getting too unique and great to even think about overseeing close by the numerous different demands of your flourishing business. This is nothing unexpected: with demand high for consistent, two-day deliveries, particularly in the major metropolitan cities, fulfillment for small and medium D2C organizations isn't simple nowadays. Indeed, even with past satisfaction experience or an in-house expert, it tends to be hard to tell what to do when you're at an intersection between proceeding to fulfill yourself or outsourcing. Thus, we've assembled a short direction control on satisfaction for D2C eCommerce brands, to assist you with figuring out your fulfillment issues and lay the route for your business' smooth way to further achievement.

This plainly represents how it's more basic than any other time to consider the fulfillment a part of the supply chain - with computerized innovation vital to handling unexpected difficulties, fulfilling more interest, remaining focused, in addition to overseeing work proficiency and profitability.

The D2C digital business logistics is an urgent gear-tooth, so at Vamaship we are embracing a 'Three-pronged' approach that is based on Agility, Adaptability and Alignment - three central characteristics any delivery methodology needs to prevail in another world driven by quick online business and truly moving client demands.


A multi-partner logistics framework gives your business the deftness it needs to fulfill orders, accomplish delivery targets and meet peak season demands and surprisingly, even pandemic difficulties head on. It likewise permits you to keep up with more definite market knowledge, so you can give clients more profound demand visibility all through the fulfillment cycle.

You can smooth out tasks to make quick demand fulfillment a reality, without forfeiting accuracy, and all the more effectively recognize territories for development. This thus can help you charm your clients and keep them returning.

From upgrading your picking and pressing cycles, to the last mile of the client experience, a keen coordinations accomplice can guarantee your conveyance technique fills in as a resource in the journey to meet purchasers' steadily expanding satisfaction wants – instead of a hindrance.


Flexibility can apply to a wide scope of territories inside your fulfillment methodology, however it's hard to change without first agreement where your framework slacks – so make a point to get your information all together prior to hoping to meet the present patterns. It is basic for acquiring perceivability into the numbers basic your activities, regardless of whether that is during recharging, picking, transportation or returns.

You can moreover settle on more taught choices concerning which advances or arrangements merit putting resources into for any semblance of request following, accelerating pressing and improving request precision.


Client arrangement is basic as well and WMS programming figures out which items are selling when and where, so organizations have the information they need to change stock levels and needs appropriately.

Furthermore, this increased perceivability precisely pinpoints shopper purchasing propensities and gets ready for unforeseen deals spikes, just as giving a much faster admission of profits and a superior comprehension of why an item was sent back.

Vamaship is a logistics aggregator specialising in eCommerce deliveries. Vamaship is India’s largest e-commerce logistics marketplace, facilitating easy and cheap shipping to over 26,000 pin codes and 200 countries. Working with thousands of businesses across India, Vamaship is recognized for its contribution by the most respected global associations through awards and coverage. Backed by BVC, Vamaship is setting global benchmarks in stakeholder satisfaction and aims to be the world’s shipping partner.

To know more on how Vamaship can help you reduce delivery time and achieve customer loyalty, you can visit:

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