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Commerce Enablers

Vamaship offers a One Global Shipping API for activating the world of shipping for your merchants with a commercial benefit to your merchants on shipping cost.



challenge 1

Investment in Integrations

Building and managing shipping integrations isn't core and has incredible trade-offs.

challenge 2

Merchants Pay A
High Rate

Your customers need to have their own shipping accounts which don't have the best shipping rate. 

challenge 3

All Solutions Isn't Easy

Activating domestic, international, forward & reverse, express & surface and others takes a year. 

solution 1

One Global Shipping API

A simple API to activate all types of shipments for all partners, no need to integrate individually and manage a few dozen integrations.


solution 2

Merchants Win Through Cheaper Costs

Vamaship's aggregation gives it a cheaper buy price and that benefit gets passed to your merchants. Also, instead of shipping becoming a cost center, it generates revenue through our strategic collaboration.

solution 3

Evolving Partners & Solutions

Vamaship continuously integrates new partners and value added services which become active for your merchants in an instant with no additional integration effort.


“We could go live with hundreds of merchants on Linker Store with all Indian couriers with one integration in a week”
Shubhankar Hiran - Director


“Making MojoXpress the best shipping engine has been possible only due to the deep partnership with Vamaship”
Sampad Swain - CEO


“Our partnership with Vamaship activated the entire Indian market for shipping in two weeks”
Nikhil J - CEO

Experience Easy & Cheap Shipping!

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Commerce Enablers

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