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Vamaship has built special flows for ensuring your label generation, packing, dispatch,tracking and reconciliation process is easy.



challenge 1

Global Coverage Not Available 

Coverage to 26k pincodes & 200 countries isn't possible through one partner

challenge 2

Poor Customer Support

Coordinating with multiple individuals for pickups and deliveries impacts efficiency

challenge 3

Integrations Expensive

Each integration costs to build and manage, one time and annually

solution 1

Global Coverage With One Account

Vamaship facilitates shipping to over 26,000 pincodes and import and export from India to 200+ countries, all with one sign up.

solution 2

Dedicated Support On Live Chat, Email and Call

Always available to solve any challenge, our dedicated customer support ensures better partner performance in every parameter. 


solution 3

Use The Website, Plugins Or Integrate Just Once

Pre-built plugins for webstore makers like Shopify facilitates a one click install process. For self-build websites, our simple one global shipping API makes integration fun and easy. Once done, no more integrations needed.


“Our customers need easy reverse shipping and Vamaship's reverse pickups has made reverse shipping super easy”
Gaurav Zatakia - CEO


“We're with Vamaship since over 3 years and knew we have a partner in them since the start”
Preeta Sukhtankar - CEO


“Our shipping was going fine but Vamaship has made it much better and seamless”

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Online Stores

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