Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Vamaship?

Vamaship is an integrated shipping platform facilitating shipping via air, ocean and surface. Vamaship facilitates shipping to and from India and within India currently.

How can Vamaship help me?

Vamaship is an ecosystem of logistics and the only platform you need to ship goods anywhere in the world through the world's best logistics companies. Through technology, you benefit from a cheaper shipping cost, automation of manual processes and access to information on-the-go on web and mobile.

What can I ship through Vamaship?

You can ship any commodity through Vamaship - general, perishable, hazardous and valuable cargo. Examples of commodities being shipping through Vamaship are clothing, machinery, jewellery, chemicals, minerals, mango, medicine, plastic and others.

Is Vamaship a logistics company or a technology platform?

Vamaship is a technology platform changing logistics. Vamaship does not have trucks, ships or delivery agents but leverages the existing capacity in the logistics industry to give you a stremlined shipping experience, each time.

How is Vamaship different from the saas softwares for managing shipping?

Vamaship is not a SaaS product and does not charge for using the Vamaship software. SaaS softwares give you a software to manage your contracts and shipments but does not help reduce shipping costs through transperancy which Vamaship brings.

Why should I choose Vamaship when I have contracts with shipping companies?

Today, you would need an in-house logistics team to co-ordinate with different companies you deal with, manage different reconciliations, have different billing cycles for each shipping company and most importantly, have an offline manual process for booking shipments which would be different for each shipping company. With Vamaship, all shipments can be booked, managed and tracked in one platform. Along with that, the shipping price on Vamaship will be cheaper than your contracted price, giving you a direct price advantage immediately. The booking process is automated and you have a one point contact for any type of shipment, with one invoice instead of dozens.

I’m an e-commerce seller with 1 order per week, can I ship through Vamaship?

Absolutely! We're a startup too and want to partner with your in your journey. There's no minimum commitment for shipping through Vamaship and be assured, we have your back in at all times, even in a tough month.

I sell on marketplaces, how do I ship with Vamaship?

All marketplaces have an option of allowing you to ship through your shipping partner. By choosing to ship through Vamaship, you'll get all advantages the existing marketplaces don't have. Post signing a contract with Vamaship, you can ship orders you get from marketplaces by creating shipments by single entries, bulk excel or API, whichever you like.

How do I progress with shipping on Vamaship?

All you need to do is sign up and a Vamashipper will get in touch with you. We're only one signed contract away from starting with Vamaship.

Is is mandatory to sign a contract with Vamaship?

Yes, to ship with Vamaship, there needs to be a contract signed between us. We have that only to protect both our interests in a worst case scenario.

Will a Vamaship person come to pick up the shipment?

A partner of Vamaship would come to pick up your shipment, Vamaship is a tech platform facilitating the shipment for you.

If you aren’t the shipping company, how will you ensure my shipments get delivered on time?

Our customer care treats all shipments as their own and goes an extra mile to ensure extraordinary performance. Due to the volume logistics companies get through Vamaship, shipments through Vamaship are always prioritised by logistics companies and our strong SLA with them ensures you get a beautiful shipping experience, every time.

What happens when my shipment is lost?

Our contract defines the Vamaship liability for each shipment and we'll release our liaiblity in a rare case of a lost shipment.

What is the price advantage Vamaship offers?

We've heard from our customers about Vamaship helping them save up to 70% of shipping costs. Though these phenomenal percentages would apply to exceptions, we save a minimum 5% on direct shipping cost and a good percentage on indirect cost through saved time and effort.

How old is Vamaship?

We started in October 2015 and are growing incredibly fast!

Who’s backing Vamaship?

Vamaship is backed by a 50+ year group BVC Ventures.

How does Vamaship work?

To find quotes for your air freight, FCL or LCL shipment, all you have to do is sign in and create an shipment inquiry. Vamaship's algorithm works for you to make the best logistics company for your shipment quote their best price which you can see and compare. Once you have finalised a logistics company to ship through, you confirm the shipment and that's it! Vamaship will take over and ensure you have a beautiful, seamless experience then onward with tracking on your mobile app and web.

Do I have to mandatorily fill the inquiry on Can I email?

We're currently accepting inquiries only on the platform.

In how much time will I receive quotes for my inquiry?

Within 24 hours!

How will I receive my quote? Will it be only the best price?

You'll receive quotes for multiple shipping companies with other relevant details like the shipping line, transit time and cost breakup. You can view each quote and choose the best partner for your shipment.

What if I don’t like the quote and already have a lower quote?

You can share your price expectation with your Vamaship one point contact and we'll try our best to make partners quote better for you.

My freight forwarder isn’t on Vamaship and I want to ship only with them, what should I do?

We're happy to know more about your freight forwarder and if they're eligible to be a partner on Vamaship, we'll bring them onboard!

What if I want a door-to-door service but with my customs broker instead of the one suggested by Vamaship?

This is absolutely possible! Customs clearance is optional in a shipment and Vamaship can facilitate it for you only if you want us to. You can uncheck the customs clearance field while creating the inquiry and you will receive a quote for your door-to-door shipment excluding customs clearance.

I have my transportation contract and customs broker annual contract, I only want a quote for port-to-port, how can Vamaship help?

Vamaship facilitates port-to-port shipments for a large number of companies, a few of them being the world's largest! In your inquiry form, please select port-to-port and you'll get quotes from multiple logistics companies only for that.

What happens once I confirm the shipment?

The shipping process begins with the Vamaship one point contact taking over all co-ordination to give you a seamless experience.

I’m new to shipping and do not know the documents involved, can Vamaship help me with the entire process?

Absolutely! We work with a large number of startups and first time international shippers and help with the entire process, from documentation and registration to knowledge about customs duties and processes.

How can I track my shipment?

You can track your shipment on and the Vamaship mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Can I book an inquiry through a mobile app?

Yes absolutely!

What if I have several users in my organisation and I want to give different viewing rights?

The first user of any account is the owner of that account and that account can invite as many collegues as they want, each will have different rights to access different parts of the platform, giving you a secure platform for creating and managing shipments.

What’s the liability of Vamaship in this?

Our liability is different for different services and your Vamaship one point contact can elaborate on each.

How does Vamaship earn?

Vamaship earns a small commission of the total logistics cost from the shipping companies, small enough to keep prices on Vamaship incredibly cheaper than your existing shipping cost.

Why should I choose Vamaship for freight forwarding?

Logistics is fragmented and there are a huge number of layers among logistics companies, leading to inefficiencies in the entire chain. Vamaship is bringing the best freight forwarders for all types of shipments on one platform, where instead of managing a dozen email threads for a single shipment, the entire process gets automated through one platform. Through our vast network and knowledge of which freight forwarder is strong in which domain, you're assured of the best of the industry competing for your shipment, each time.

I have hazardous goods and need specialised handling, can Vamaship assist?

Absolutely, we have a strong base of logistics companies which deal solely in hazardous cargo. We can assist you in shipping all classes of hazardous cargo except radioactive.

I manufacture diamonds and jewellery and need secured door-to-door delivery, how can Vamaship help?

Vamaship facilitates shipping of diamonds and jewellery for the world's largest wholesalers to India's largest e-commerce companies. With a robust set of partnerships, Vamaship facilitates door-to-door shipping of valuable cargo across India and globally.

I sell precious stones on online stores and need a time definite delivery for my shipments to multiple countries, what value add does Vamaship give?

Our international shipping solutions are time definite and the most economical you would find among logistics players. Vamaship is the only platform you need to ship to over 200 countries, with automated shipment creation and end to end tracking, giving an excellent value add over dealing independently with multiple shipping companies.

I have direct contracts with all e-commerce logistics companies in India, what’s the benefit of using Vamaship?

With Vamaship, you can avoid dealing with over a dozen customer care associates of each company, multiple reconciliations of invoices, different COD cycles and integrating with each seperately. Having a one point contact, activating deliveries to over 10,000 pin codes gives you peace and an excellent service each time, without having a large in-house team to manage shipping partners.

I need end to end tracking, does Vamaship provide that?

Yes and you can track both on the web and on mobile!

Most of my orders are cash on delivery, how can Vamaship help with COD shipments?

Vamaship facilitates COD shipping to thousands of pin codes across India in the same automated shipping flow.

In how much time will I receive my COD remittance for my shipments?

Vamaship will remit your COD collection within 7 days.

How many pin codes in India does Vamaship cater to?

Currently, Vamaship facilitates shipping to over 10,000 pin codes in India and is continuously expanding the pin code count.

Can I ship international?

Absolutely, you can ship to over 200 countries!

Does Vamaship have pickup and delivery services in any country outside India?

We're currently servicing export from India to 200 nations and import from 200 nations into India, we have pickup and delivery services in other nations only if the origin or destination is India.

How do I create a shipment?

You can create the shipment inside the shipping platform on

I have my own webstore and want an API integration, can Vamaship help with that?

Absolutely! Vamaship's platform has all essential APIs to automated the flow of data from your ERP to ours. The Vamaship one point contact can help with the API documentation for your tech team.

How do I go about customer returns?

Any customer rejections would be returned to you within the same time period as the forward shipments. Any rejects post delivery will become a new shipment and it's called a 'Reverse Shipment', which can be booked on

My customer accepted the good and wants to return it after 3 days, can Vamaship help with this reverse shipment?

Yes, any reverse shipment can be booked on itself.

What’s the price advantage of using Vamaship?

Through Vamaship, each logistics company receives thousands of shipments and due to the sheer volume, Vamaship receives an excellent price. This discounted price is passed on to you for your shipments. Hence instead of paying a a high price per shipment in accordance with your volume, you leverage the Vamaship volume for a much better shipping price.

Do I have to pay Vamaship for using the platform?

You can online while checking out for any shipment via a credit card, debit card, netbanking or wallet. Alternatively, you can keep a deposit by paying online or thorugh a bank transfer which gets deducted as you ship. There are no hidden charges of shipping through Vamaship and no charge for using the platform.

Which analytics do you provide to optimise my shipments?

We provide analytics to help you minimise the returns and improve packaging to ensure you don't pay for volumetric weight for each shipment. Many Vamaship customers use the analytics on the platform to analyze how their advertising campaigns converted into orders.

Which partners do you use for my shipment?

Vamaship has collaborated with almost every major e-commerce logistics company in India.

What if there’s a loss during transit, who bears the loss?

In the rare unfortunate case of a loss, there's a Vamaship liability defined in the contract between your entity and Vamaship and you'll receive that amount from us.

I need insurance for my shipments, can you provide that?

We suggest you take an annual insurance policy for covering all shipments as it turns out to be very economical.

I sell jewellery online and very few logistics companies are servicing them, can you help?

Absolutely! India’s largest diamonds and jewellery companies trust Vamaship with their shipments. We have specialized services catering to the precious cargo sector for shipments within India, for export and import.

How do I pay for my shipments?

You can pay for your shipments online through a credit card, debit card, net banking and wallets. Alternatively, you can also pay through a bank transfer to the Vamaship account.

I want to ship a lightweight umbrella but its in a tall box, how will the cost of shipping be calulated?

Shipping is always charged at the higher of actual weight or volumetric weight. Umbrellas usually are charged at its volumetric weight due to its dimensions.

The calculation of volumetric weight for a shipment via air is:

(Length x Breadth x Height)/5000, if the LBH is in centimeters.

(Length x Breadth x Height)/305 if the LBH is in inches.

The calculation of volumetric weight for a shipment via surface within India is:

((Length x Breadth x Height)/27000) * CFT if the LBH is in centimeters.

((Length x Breadth x Height)/1728) * CFT if the LBH is in inches.

You can check the CFT in the Vamaship contract once you sign up.

Which commodities can I ship through Vamaship?

You can ship any legal commodity through Vamaship eg. documents, machinery, furniture, electronics, garments, stationary, chemimcals, fruits, jewellery and so on