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Personalized Products: 
Happiness Guaranteed

If Not Delivered After The Event.

Personalized gifting is a large growing segment and the buyers have unique needs which Vamaship has mastered at facilitating, by working with India's largest brands.



challenge 1

Loss Unaffordable

Personalized products once lost need to be rebuilt and a lost product is a lost buyer.

challenge 2

Date Specific Delivery

Most personalized products are a gift for an occasion and delivering before is imperative.

challenge 3

Personalized Shopping

High value buyers expect a personalized shopping experience, not standard

solution 1

Lowest Loss Ratio In The Industry

Since day 1, we've identified each logistics partner's weak processing hubs where loss ratios are high. Our optimization engine ensures the best partners receive each shipment and Vamaship's merchants experience a near-zero loss ratio.


solution 2

Specialized Logistics Solutions Activated

We've partnered with all excellent logistics players and among them, have activated special delivery timeline-based solutions, which ensure you have a choice for the type of buyer, time-definite or regular.

solution 3

Personalized Notifications To Buyers

Buyers receive tracking notifications in the tone & vocabulary of your brand through direct text messages, changeable at any time from the platform, completing the personalized shopping experience.


"Vamaship was the first partnership we had and they're true partners without whom we wouldn't have grown to become India's largest"
Aanchal Poddar - Founder


Experience Easy & Cheap Shipping!

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