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Social Sellers

For social sellers, Vamaship reduces the manual steps in your process and reduces the number of interactions needed between you and the buyer through technology, making shipping cheaper both directly and indirectly.

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challenge 1

Slow Order-Shipment Process

Taking orders on WhatsApp or Instagram takes time, effort & isn't standardized

challenge 2

Tracking Updates

Buyers continuous tracking status requests have to be sent manually

challenge 3

Weight Disputes Unresolved

Limited orders make the weight dispute resolution time longer than average

solution 1

Spreadsheet Upload Method

Using the Vamaship Bulk Spreadsheet file, 2 to 20000 orders can be created at one click. To make your process easier, sending a Google Sheet link to buyers which fills data in the Vamaship format makes the process beautiful.


solution 2

Automated Tracking To Buyer

Buyers get your SMS template with a shipment tracking link which has the updated tracking at any time. With this, there's no need to manually check the status and inform the buyer manually.

solution 3

Industry's Best Weight Resolution Process

Vamaship has refined the weight dispute resolution process through the years and has the most effective and quick method to resolve weight disputes, for any shipment volume.


“We're with Vamaship for over 2 years and their customer support is great, very prompt”
Saurabh Gandhi - CEO


“We remember the number of months their team came and made our shipping easy, we recommend Vamaship”
Masoom Minawala - Founder


“I love their support, escalations always reachable and they ensure our shipments are delivered on priority”
Nupur Patel - Founder

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