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Vamaship has cracked the code to a personalised shipping experience for your customers.

Today’s retail world has become most challenging from all perspectives, be it the price pressures, market disruptions or dynamic nature of the market. Gone are the days of traditional ways of doing retail business. You can no longer offer unique products, strategic price points or promotions. These can be easily replicated by your competitors. Having said that, you still need to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Today it is not about the big or loud things. It is about knowing the little things about your customer and personalising your offering accordingly.

A highly personalised customer experience can be offered to your customers. All you need is your proprietary data collected over the years! This personalisation is very difficult for competitors to replicate and gives you a sustainable competitive edge in the market. Research shows that personalised experiences help improve not only customer loyalty but also your sales.

Thanks to online giants like Amazon and Flipkart, customers now expect personalisation in their experience. Certain aspects of personalisation have become standard in the ecommerce industry. We have now come to a point where customer take few personalisation aspects for granted, and these are not provided they will easily opt for your competitor next time.

How personalisation works?

Given the customers’ expectations, ecommerce retailers not only need to provide personalisation to survive, but they must explore ways to differentiate themselves through personalisation. When done on a one on one basis, personalisation can yield upto 1 to 2% increase in the top line.

Successfully run personalisation campaigns can offer more than just engaged customers. In general, a few positive customer experience resulting from personalisation will result in 20% higher customer satisfaction, 15% increase in sales and you can expect 3 times the ROI. While we have seen this happen to our customers, these numbers we shared by McKinsey in their recent report on personalised customer experience

How can Vamaship help?

Having been in the logistics industry for a sufficient amount of time and working with the best logistics partners, we have made ourselves acquainted with the latest expectations of the market. We are incessantly working at better our service platform but that does not mean we ignore the smaller things in the logistics world. We understand that small things can leave a big impact on the customers’ minds. And hence we are continuously in chat with our customers to understand their expectations from us and also the expectations their customers have from them.

Logistics has come a long way from just delivering a package on time and in full to a particular address. It has now become an extension of the brands and hence retailers are expecting their logistics partners to be very clear and specific when delivering the consignment.

We at Vamaship have worked on a few things that will help you personalise your shipment so that your customer can experience a seamless interaction with your brand. Here are a few of them:

  1. Branded Labels: The shipping label is the first thing your customers see when they receive their package. Vamaship offers you the option to have your logo and brand name on the shipping label. The disconnect between placing the order and opening the package is avoided and you ensure a seamless transition through your brand. What’s more? We also offer you to have customised messages written on the labels for your customers. Can you get more personal than this!!

  2. Branded Tracking Page: When you choose Vamaship, you get a custom tracking URL which is designed for your brand. You can increase customer retention and brand loyalty through Vamaship’s API enabled Whitelabelled customizable tracking URLs.

  3. Custom SMS notification: Keep your buyers informed about their shipment status through automated email and SMS notifications. Having a proactive approach to delivery can set you apart from the crowd. Personalising the SMS with the customer’s name and other details will definitely improve customer loyalty.

  4. Partner allocation as per your preference: You are a liberty to choose from a wide range of logistics carriers who have partnered with Vamaship. This way you are in control of the cost, delivery time and mode of delivery. Well who does not want total control over the delivery process!

  5. Daily or Weekly reports: Vamaship provides detailed RTO and NDR reports on a daily or weekly basis. This is another way Vamaship aims at providing you control over your shipments and their status. Boy! Are we on a roll or what!

These are just a few ways Vamaship can help you in your quest to provide a personalised customer experience. To explore more ways of delighting your customers or simply to know more about Vamaship, visit:

Vamaship is India’s largest e-commerce logistics marketplace, facilitating easy and cheap shipping to over 26,000 pin codes and 200 countries. Working with thousands of businesses across India, Vamaship is recognized for its contribution by the most respected global associations through awards and coverage. Backed by BVC, Vamaship is setting global benchmarks in stakeholder satisfaction and aims to be the world’s shipping partner.

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Srikanth Dudaka
Srikanth Dudaka
Feb 12, 2021

Hi, I have been using Vamaship from last 2 years for my Chocolate ecommerce website's and orders fulfill ment. Their prices are competitive and their product is very intuitive. I can create an order within max 2 min. I must say Customer care is also wonderful. I wish them good luck.

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