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Why Vamaship is doing away with address line 2


Logistics partners and shipping aggregators commonly include an address line 2 field on their online forms, inviting end users to split address information as they see fit. When presented with two address lines, it’s only natural for customers to separate out room, floor, building in line 1 and rest into the other line. You would say that's common sense right? Guess what....the reality is just the opposite. We analyzed addresses of ecommerce shipments from this financial year and have understood that customers really don't like splitting addresses!! As per our qualitative and quantitative research with customers while building our new platform, we have identified this to be a great concern for nearly every shipper. Below is a sample of shippers providing the same address in line 1 and line 2. There are also many shipments in which line 2 is left blank

How does this affect your shipping? 1. Save Time We know how painful it is to keep typing in address in Line 1 and Line 2 and not to forget the character limit in each of those lines. You can just copy destination addresses received for the booked order and paste it into our platform. We will take care of the rest with our courier partners so that you can attack other areas of your e-commerce business 2. Address Delivery Issues Since the same address is provided in line 1 and line 2, the labels get messed up. This leads to issues in delivery since the last mile delivery executive often gets confused on the exact address looking at the label as can be seen below. Also if line 2 is not provided then the delivery executive again will not deliver the product by saying that the address in Incomplete. This can lead to a lot of RTOs.


3. Improve Brand Experience Customized labels with your logo, extend the brand experience and make a lasting memory with your buyers. Sending custom labels in the above format can bring down the opinion of your customers about your webstore For all these reasons we are doing away with the address line 2 section in our platform. How Vamaship can help? Vamaship has integrated with multiple courier partners like Fedex, Bluedart, Delhivery, XpressBees, Ekart, Ecom Express and many others with a coverage of 26000+ pincodes to help you get the best shipping experience. You just need to copy paste the addresses from your order page for manual orders and we then send the requests to the partners based on their individual requirements. So what are you waiting for? Sign up on and get started Who said you had to do all the heavy lifting on your own

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1 Comment

Akshay Khale
Akshay Khale
Mar 09, 2020

That is an interesting solution for an ecommerce seller like myself.

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