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Vama E-Com

Vama Ecom is Vamaship’s marketplace for e-commerce shipping within India, exporting from and importing to India. As an integrated solution for instant quotes, detailed tracking, consolidated non-delivery report, documents on cloud and deep analytics, Vama Ecom makes shipping in over 26,000 pincodes in India and to and from 200 countries easy.

The instant quotes solution offers one Vamaship price for shipping through any domestic or international carrier, eliminating the time consuming process of manual tariff comparison for shipments. It matches each shipment to the most efficient shipping partner with your brand preferences pre-set, making the review of quotes and selection of partners quick and efficient.

The detailed tracking solution offers one view of the shipment, pulling tracking data from different carriers and with notifications to consignees. Both shippers and consignees have a detailed view of all types of shipments: forward, returned and reverse.

The documents on cloud solution makes storing and searching of shipping documents seamless, fetching all documents from email and carriers converting files stored on offline folders to the Vamaship cloud.

The deep shipping analytics solution offers visibility on the logistics spend across stakeholders, the cost saving, on-ground performance, customer analytics and internal efficiency tracking, all on one dashboard available on mobile and web.

Vama Ecom works as an integrated solution with ERPs, Order Management Systems and with apps on the Shopify and Unicommerce app store for the supply chain team to make shipping a competitive advantage.