Costs Reduce Through Choice

Gone are the A La Carte days, we worked for years to present an all-you-can-ship buffet of partners.

Like any negotiation, cost-saving is enabled through choice and we've activated the widest choice for saving costs on each shipment.

Negotiation With Carriers Like Our Life's On The Line

We read books, watched hostage negotiator interviews, learned from Walmart and then entered discussions. And it helped.

Vamaship gets a cheaper buy price due to the aggregating volume of thousands of businesses and we behaved like Amazon, getting you the cheapest shipping price from day 1.

Industry's Best Weight Dispute Resolutions

All those random chargeable weight charges for unjustified reasons is history. We understand your product, packaging and ensure there's an instant credit note for any unjustified weight dispute.

"We ship mattresses and Vamaship offered the cheapest rate in our category, strongly recommend"
Gaurav Zatakia - CEO

"Our fine jewellery export shipment were costing $99 minimum and Vamaship took it to $50"
Sudheesh S - COO

"We could reduce our shipping cost for low value fashion jewellery by over 15% through Vamaship"
Bhavesh Lavlakha - CEO

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Thousands of Businesses Use Vamaship to Ship To Over 26,000 Pincodes & 200 Countries From, To and Within India